Mexican Fire Opal

Fire Opal may look like other perfect crystal gemstones, but know that it is indeed an Opal.

The high moisture content of Fire Opal creates a unique situation for miners and faceters. Once Fire Opal is mined the rough must dry out for a period of 5 years before being faceted.

The result of waiting to facet this unique material: perfect crystal clear clarity and color. Beware of the Fire Opal that is faceted too quickly, this material will be cloudy, milky and lose all of its brilliance.

Our Fire Opal is mined in Queretaro and Magdalena, Mexico. Fire Opal can be traced back to the Aztecs who called it, "The Stone of the Bird of Paradise". Fire Opal is said to light the fire of positive sexuality, encouraging healthy and meaningful relationships.

With a 5-6 on the Mohs scale, Fire Opal is best suited to earrings and pendants. Great care should be taken with all opal.