Mexican Fire Opal 8 x 6 Emerald

Color: These opals display a fantastic medium orange and exhibit great clarity for fire opal.

CIBJO Special Care Requirements:

With all gemstones and organic substances avoid rough handling and when not in wear, keep items of jewellery separate to avoid scratches. Clean with warm soapy water and gentle brushing. Avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaners.
Due to the nature of opals themselves, the following should be adhered to in order to preserve your opals for many years to come:
Never expose opals to colored fluids.
Keep opals away from heat and drying environments. Loss of structural water may lead to cracking.
Avoid extreme temperature changes, as opals are susceptible to thermal shock.

ITEM: Mexican Fire Opal
ORIGIN: Mexico
SIZE: 8 x 5 mm
SHAPE: Emerald
CLARITY: Eye Clean

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