New Natural Pakistani Sphene 3.5mm Round

We were recently able to purchase a small amount of this fantastic material mined in Northern Pakistan. In addition to incredible dispersion and color, initial testing shows a reaction under a Chelsea Filter, indicating the possible presence of chromium.

Color: This sphene displays some fantastic dispersion. In daylight this sphene shows deep greens, and under incandescent light shows amber yellow tones.

CIBJO Special Care Requirements:

With all gemstones and organic substances avoid rough handling and when not in wear, keep items of jewellery separate to avoid scratches. Clean with warm soapy water and gentle brushing. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning.

ITEM: Pakistani Sphene
ORIGIN: Northern Pakistan
SIZE: 3.5 mm
SHAPE: Round
TREATMENT: None known
CLARITY: Eye Clean

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 12 July, 2011.